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Woohoo, finally got my 360 camera! My first 360 photo practise session is at Singapore's Heritage: Dragon Playground viewing it at a different perspective! 😍😍😍

This is the place where it kept many Singaporeans accompanied during our childhood days where computer and mobile games are not as assessible as now! Common games we play at this playground is police & thief or even crocodile. There are many different game names and variation but children at our time had the freedom to imagine and innovate new games. While I was there, I am grateful to see parents bringing their kids to check out this nostalgic place reminiscing the good old days when technologies are still not so intrusive to our life! 😉😇🌏

📸 Shot using MADV Madventure 360 aka Xiaomi Mi Sphere. #sameSameButDifferent Fully auto, no post-editing, no color grading #nofilter

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Trim and Export using PowerDirector16. This is my first time taking 360 videos and using this camera so pardon the lousy videography.

Firmware version: v1.

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@xiaomisg @camera.com.sg

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Delphine Sawayn6 mons ago
Ha ha, look at your brilliant smile, and the design of this dragon is really ingenious. It's still a colorful dragon.