My goal here was to see if I could alter the camera slightly to make it better, unfortunately I think that I might have made it worse. 

One of the nice advantages that I have right now is that I am no longer bound to needing the camera to be extremely close to the models. One of the problems I had early on was that once you got a small distance away from the models, it became hard to actually see them properly and you would also lose the 3D effect. Now, I have figured out how to extend that distance, but unfortunately the PSVR with just the PS4 (not pro) will still have problems no matter what after a certain distance. Either way, hopefully the distance is a little bit more comfortable now at certain parts. There are still parts where the camera is still close and that is because I wanted to still keep the same style as the original video. Also, In case anyone was curious, I didn't actually change the camera (except for one part, which was to cover up a mistake I made), I just simply added a camera on to my existing camera. That is why the camera will make some weird movements every now and again, because there are two (and sometimes three) cameras going at the same time.

Anyway, that camera wasn't the only thing that I changed. I also modified the models a bit and modified the shader a bit as well. I am starting to slowly understand how to modify models and the hope is to eventually be able to create my own at some point, but that may take a long while. As for the shader, this is probably not going to be the only shader that I use (even though I think it looks really good), the plan is to get a lot more shaders and effects compatible with mikumikudomemaster, it is just that I have to find the time to actually work on them. 

I was also using this video to test perception in VR, which is why the models sometimes become bigger throughout the video. I am not fully sure if there is an optimal way to do it, but if done right it can make it seem more realistic I think. Either way, I still have a lot to test with that, so hopefully it doesn't bother you too much.

If you enjoyed or hated this video, please leave a comment. I am always very grateful for any feedback I can get about my videos, I may not incorporate what you suggest, but it helps me understand other viewpoints that I may not have considered. I realize that this video is not perfect (none of my videos are), and that there are a lot of mistakes in it (like usual), so letting me know that you didn't want to watch it or you didn't like it because of a certain problem you have with this video will allow me the chance to potentially fix that problem for future videos.

Anyway, that is enough about that, here are the Credits: 

- MikuMikuDance

- Santa Bikini by Murabito124 http://murabito124.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Santa-Bikini-Edition-DL-652114978

- Luminous Bars AL by monobuni http://monobuni.deviantart.com/art/Luminous-Bars-AL-Stage-Download-434188110
- Little bar stage by  SilverRose0916 http://sliverrose0916.deviantart.com/art/Little-Bar-Stage-MMD-STAGE-DOWNLOAD-DL-579255541

- MikuMikuDomeMaster by Caeru.E型 https://twitter.com/Caeru_Odin
- AutoLuminous-Cubes.x
- SSAO_Cubes.x
- WorkingFloorX.x
- skydome.x
- SoftLightA.x
- SoftLightB.x
- swFilterVignetting.x
- swStar100.x
- ぬる肌.fx. (modified by me)
   all effects used were included in the MikuMikuDomeMaster.zip, NCHLShader2.zip, and dAdultshader.zip
- Wave 3 person by Moka http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm28332866

- Wave by Niki

- by me
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