You might be wondering what this is testing, since it looks like just a regular 360 VR video with the model on all sides. 

Well, in case you couldn't tell, what is unique about this is that the model retains the 3D effect on every side. Normally, videos like this have no 3D effect or 3 out of the 4 sides look bad because the parallax is off. However, with this video if you center yourself on any one of the sides you will be able to see the model clearly. Unfortunately the back side looks a little bit off simply because the model is directly in between the parts of the screen that get stitched together to produce the 360°, and that combined with the parallax makes it look weird.

I can't take full credit for figuring this out, I just simply figured out a better way of implementing this from what abura goma did with trying to fix the parallax issue. Unfortunately, with abura goma's method there is a little bit of a disjoint that appears in between the sides of the cube, and this becomes more prominent the higher the amount of parallax that is used.

This way that I figured out has none of that happen, but unfortunately when one of the models leaves the sides of the cube, it can become hard to see them properly, which is why I have the camera follow the model in this video.

So, until I figure out a better way to fix that problem, this really seems to be the only application of this method, in that you have a model in every quadrant of the cube that they don't leave.

The other thing I was testing with this, was the edits I made to the Neru Santa Bikini model. I like to think of this version as the Neru Snow Marine Bikini model, so I felt like it was very relevant to use it to this song.

Also, to anyone who is still waiting or has given up waiting for my next camera motion video, I am very sorry that it is taking so long. It can take a lot of work to do not only a camera motion, but to do also do it in VR. Also, I want my next camera motion to not be motion sickness inducing yet still keep my style which can take a lot of testing. I have made a couple of camera motions, but they aren't that good and are probably motion sickness inducing from what I tested. 

However, feel free to let me know in the comments if there is a specific motion and song you would like me to do a VR camera motion for. I am always open to suggestions since they help give me a reason to do it, because otherwise I just tend to not finish them if I don't think they look good enough. In case anyone is curious, the camera motions I have worked on already are for Tougen Renka, Ai dee, and Apple Pie. You can ask me to finish any one of those or maybe even do a camera motion for this video's song and motion.

Anyway, here are the Credits:

- MikuMikuDance

- TDA Neru Santa Bikini Type-AS by Murabito124 https://murabito124.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Santa-Bikini-Edition-DL-652114978

- Tropical Small Beach by kaahgomedl http://kaahgomedl.deviantart.com/art/Small-tropical-beach-611585960

- MikuMikuDomeMaster by Caeru.E型 https://twitter.com/Caeru_Odin
- SSAO_Cubes.x
- SoftLightA.x
- SoftLightB.x
- o_LikeHDR.x
- dAdultShader (modified by me)
   all effects used were included in the MikuMikuDomeMaster.zip, NCHLShader2.zip, mme_downloads_by_garry_thebluestrose-d6pzecv.zip, and dAdultshader.zip

- Marine Dreamin' by iMarine Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG6OCYzq9d0 

-Deep Blue Town' by iMarine Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LN-aDmknphY

- by me
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