"Meeting to see the dance of the geisha crowd"
 Participation: Yakkosan (A samurai's servant)

in Shinzenkou-ji temple. in Sapporo,Hokkaido.

In the past there were more than 50 restaurants and restaurants.
Sapporo Tino is said to have five hundred and dozens of geisha.
A downtown area that has gradually declined due to changes in social conditions.
Sapporo 's Geisha crowd who continues to succeed in daily exercises, such as ko, samisen, and dance, even now with a small Japanese style restaurant.
Everyone in the apprenticeship of geisha who is striving to practice with a strong feeling that "I want to preserve tradition" this year also appeared with fullness.
Everyone of the geisha who was practicing without fail even during the Hokkaido earthquake.
Please enjoy the gorgeous beautiful and stylish world.

"Participation" Yakkosan (A samurai's servant)
Geisha: Kiyoe, Chie, Koume, Kotoyo
Shamisen: Sawada
Song: Komasa

"Yakko" that appears in the song title and lyrics is about a samurai servant / subordinate in the Edo period.

The way the samurai goes out with miscellaneous affairs such as holding baggage when going out and accompanying the bannermen and the family members was called 'Alignment (Tomozoroe)'.

The appearance of a fellowship (Tomozoroe) by a fellow (Yakko) in the Daimyo Matrix is raised to entertainment as "Yakko-Buri", and to Kabuki dance "Yakko Odori" Has also been inherited.

Incidentally, the arrangement (Tomozoroe) was not only limited to samurai but also played a role as a prepayment for priests and priests such as priests and priests, temples. Even in modern times, the "snatch" is adopted as a festival event at shrines in various places.

Quotation: World folk songs / children's songs (more detailed explanation)

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