Diana offered by our Band of Drums and Horns Virgen de la Caridad, from our FESTIVALS OF THE VILLA DEL GARBANZAL 2017, we walk, we enter inside, and LET'S CALL TO THE DOORS to reunite our QUEENS, KINGS AND LADIES ONE TO ONE, to start the last day of our parties very early, where we wait with BOLLOS and CHOCOLATE to recover forces, we will enjoy our city in FIRST FLOOD, this video is also realized in VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) - 360º, where FOR THE FIRST TIME YOU WILL ENJOY IN THE FIRST PERSON, as if it were really a participant, with it at the same time, WE ANIMAMOS SO TO SUPPORT THIS MAGNIFYING BAND, AS TO REGISTER in it so that it GROWS and GROWS, as they deserve ...
In Spanish: Diana ofrecida por nuestra Banda de Tambores y Cornetas Virgen de la Caridad, de nuestras FIESTAS DE LA VILLA DEL GARBANZAL 2017, nos paseamos, nos introducimos dentro, y VAMOS LLAMANDO A LAS PUERTAS para reunir a nuestras REINAS, REYES Y DAMAS UNO A UNO, para comenzar el último día de nuestras fiestas bien tempranito, donde nos esperan con BOLLOS Y CHOCOLATE para reponer fuerzas, disfrutaremos de nuestra ciudad en PRIMER PLANO, este video está realizado también en REALIDAD VIRTUAL (VR) - 360º, donde POR PRIMERA VEZ SE DISFRUTARÁ EN PRIMERA PERSONA, como si realmente de un participante se tratara, con ello a la vez, OS ANIMAMOS TANTO A APOYAR ESTA MAGNIFICA BANDA, como A INSCRIBIRSE en la misma para que vaya CRECIENDO y CRECIENDO, como se merecen...
you should really work on the drum,but now is not bad←_←
Jaki natsumi1 yr ago
you guys make a wonderful team? 💪what are you singing btw?
DCBARNONE891 yr ago
i can play drum too!can i join you?
Awesome Guy1 yr ago
nice group!i love your green shirt!like little flowers💚