One of the great things about. Going. One of the great things about going to Tokyo for IVRPA was getting to meet so many people that I had been connected to on social media but never met in person. One of my main communication channels for social media is Facebook. And Caitlin Ramrakha, she has been the Product marketing manager for Facebook. Heard of the 360 flock on Facebook 360. I first met Caitlin through Blend Media’s Alicja Wasilewska when I was asked to be one of fifteen 360 creators from around the world to participate in the official premiere of the Weekend of Live 360. And getting to meet her in person confirmed what a dynamic person she is and how committed she is to helping the world connect through Facebook.
I hope you enjoy the interview and I will have more interviews with Chris Bobotis of Adobe, Nancy Eperjesy of Mettle, Ayden Hanzhong Ye of Veer, Alexandre Jenny of Kolor Go Pro. I hope that you have already seen my interview with Michael Ty of 360 Rumors and Ben Claremont of Life in 360.
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