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Immerse yourself in an interactive 360 degree view (click and swipe video with mouse to change perspective) of the Siva Tau & Sipi Tau (Haka). Samoa & Tonga square off in a Challenge before their Rugby match at the 2016 Rugby League Ohana Cup in Honolulu, Hawai'i USA at the Famous Aloha Stadium.  Aug 20th 2016

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BWK Images1 yr ago
@Feriel mimi Thanks. although the Maori All Blacks Rugby team made doing challenges famous, all polynesian cultures have their own intense war dances of their own. It's more of a crowd pleaser now a days, because after these matches the opposing teams get together and party like brothers! which in this case does make this pretty funny.
BWK Images1 yr ago
@Anals Tremblay Yes This Rugby test match took place at the famous Aloha Stadium. It was raining throughout the whole tournament. I meant to wipe the huge 360 fly lens before this match, but everything was moving too quick. I am actually trying to take Photos at the same time with the other media personnel. I am there in my green rain jacket.
Isn't it at the Famous Aloha Stadium? Then what's wrong with the raindrop?
Feriel mimi1 yr ago
LoL. Squareing off is sooo funny! Red team acts just like Maori
So funny👍🏻👍🏻
I like that👻
It is funny to have another team standing there and waiting for the start