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oh it's so frustrating not being able to go out and always needing to go to the loo.

I can't even make it to the bus stop to go out, it's really gonna affect how I can travel later in the year if it stays like this.

It can't last for the rest of my life like this can it?

My GP visit found that I haven't got a swollen prostate, I have got an increase in nitrates he said but after getting nitrofurotoin antibiotics, it hasn't got better so no UTI to worry about.

I'll see if the urologist that he referred me to has anything that they can do


It's a fine day today. Why don't you go out?
Unique Rempel5 mons ago
@Tiara Labadie I can almost imagine the effect of decoration.
Tiara Labadie5 mons ago
It's a little place is your own, and you can actually decorate the place.
Ha ha, staying at home is also very good, you can look outside the world, look at the hurried people, while you are leisurely enjoying your time.