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I was so happy with the yoga instruction this morning that I decided to go all the way to ASDA to see what I can see in this lovely weather

and I managed to get my SodaStream thing for my wine because it was my intention to make sparkling red wine but I was a little bit worried when I saw a video of a little boy doing it and it exploded but luckily I've got a good one from Germany that has got some good technology in it that allows me to release the gas before I take away the bottle

and then I suddenly realised after my partner told me yesterday about adding wine to soda that I could just make the water fizzy and then add to 200 ml of wine and it will be perfect to drink in the garden with a straw!


Edyth Boyle6 mons ago
Yes, exercise and proper exercise can really affect our mood throughout the day. Every time I finish yoga, I feel ten years younger. lol