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If you get depressed, I know I get it sometimes too. It's the MS, the chemical change that happens to cause it 

but still, if you see one of my videos about it then it doesn't mean that you can send me your life history and all the bad things that happened to make you sad and expect to get a sympathetic ear and personal response

yes, I'm sympathetic to it

but ffs, please don't send me personal private messages about it and then get all offended because I don't want to constantly hear about all your shit. I have enough shit of my own to deal with!

Go speak to someone with your mouth and let them see your eyes and body language. That's how to talk. People are not generally honest with text, even honest people aren't honest in text

so go talk in "the real" to deal with it. I'm not the samaritans!

rough I know but it's the truth. 

And I saw the top Polak Maciek with his lovely daughter walking back from nursery, excuse me while I have a chat!


Darron Hoppe8 mons ago
Enjoy the quiet and beautiful atmosphere there with you. I feel much better now.
Katlynn Wisozk8 mons ago
Loving your accent and the cool hat I should get one too
In fact, everyone has a lot of frustrations. As long as you tell them out , you won't feel sad.
Brook Romaguera8 mons ago
How can you feel depressed in such a beautiful place? Open your heart and you will find the beauty and hope of life! Don't give up!
Hazle Raynor8 mons ago
This is a very livable town. I like to take a walk on such a quiet path and relax after dinner.
To be honest, I was totally attracted by the green grass and white flowers along the road.馃槀
Loma Borer8 mons ago
I feel depressed, too, but it's also an experience, and it's about making happiness happier, isn't it?