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We are trying something a little different with this aMarketingShift video. We invited CJ Maurer, Marketing and Brand Manager with Complete Payroll to site down with us and talk about video marketing.

We have done work with CJ and he produces a lot of great video content himself. Hear what he has to say about the importance of video as part of your marketing campaign.

Complete Payroll - https://completepayroll.com/

Improve Your Campaign - https://youtu.be/5O5oOlOdFgI?list=PLjo-rr_3yPT5p1W3M-jeoDVfTAnABQRGj

Nickel City Graphics - http://www.nickelcitygraphics.com

aMarketingShift - http://www.nickelcitygraphics.com/services/learn-about-video