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In many parts of the world children are deprived of education and development opportunities and survive in an environment unfit for living. Like here in Hatsik, Armenia… Meet Levon - he lives with his brother and grandmother with lack of electricity, drinking water and heat.

Initiatives undertaken by COAF's desire to transform the life of a child and a community through SMART Centers are only the beginning.

COAF has transformed the lives of over 40,000 villagers by providing world class medical, social, economic and education programs. COAF’s SMART is the first of its kind, connecting remote parts of Armenia to the world using technology, and providing children and villagers with access to state-of-the-art education and training in locally and globally relevant subjects.

COAF’s first SMART Campus is being built in the earthquake-stricken region of Lori Marz. 20 such campuses are planned throughout rural Armenia in the years to come. Welcome to the Children of Armenia Fund and the promise of a better future for all the Levons of Armenia!
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im worried about this kid
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