360 degree video is an aspect of virtual reality.  I say aspect as the terminology is still being fought over by those who think that is important.  360 degree video does achieve at least a small virtual feeling of being in an environment.  You can't become completely immersed, as you can't change what is happening, but your mind can be fooled enough for some to get sick.

With 360 cameras becoming more and more affordable I see that they can become mainstream.  Parents taking videos of kids soccer games to birthdays.  And with digital video, there is a great opportunity for the common person to produce engaging stories with the medium.
@Lawson Anderson Thanks Lawson. I am sure you knew what it is. I did have a lot of people on my Youtube channels that would ask. Glad you commented though
thanks for telling mewhat 360 video is!you are an expert!(๑•ั็ω•็ั๑)
@Vaughn Hand I Thanks Vaughn. I appreciate that a lot.
Thanks a lot for your insightful explanation for VR ! It helps a lot. Your vid will be perfect if it involves some subtitles on each chapter to give the outline of your intruduction cuz the speech is a bit long and needs divisions. Some slight advice☺️