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No words... We caught a UFO on our Kodak SP360 4K 360 camera at Yosemite National Park in California. The UFO came out of nowhere and abducted a bunch of cows right before our eyes... I still can't believe what we saw! I just don't why it sounded like a UFO from a 70's B-movie... :P   Watch the longer VLOG version:

On the real though, we just wanted to see what kind of quality the Kodak SP360 4K camera can produce lol. Cheesy VFX added for sh**s and giggles :D Conclusion: While the lens quality isn't ideal, we're pretty impressed with the sharpness and color reproduction despite this being a lossy action cam (also keep in mind youtube compression). In our opinion, the Kodak is better than the Samsung Gear 360, but not as convenient (the Kodak bundle is two separate cameras stuck back to back). 220 degree lenses make for plenty of overlap for easy stitching. Both make for excellent additions to a 360 arsenal, and are great for beginners. Gear 360 for run and gun convenience and Kodak back-to-back for mono 360 intended for delivery on web via Facebook/YouTube. Full list of gear used below!

Gear Used: 
Camera: 2 x Kodak SP360 4K Camera -
Alternative: Samsung Gear 360 -
Microphone: Zoom H2N recorder -
3D Stuff:  Maya -
VFX/Comp: After Effects -
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