Check out this 360 degree video tour to get an impression of the possibilities and rooms of iBeat Recording Studio. Owner Jeroen Muller shows his recording studio in Zelhem. He shows the rooms in this 360° video and tells enthusiastic about the possibilities for bands, singer-songwriters, singers, singer and performers.

iBeat Recording Studio is a professional recording studio based in Zelhem (Achterhoek) which focuses on high quality recordings at an affordable price. In addition to recording, mixing and mastering for bands, artists and musicians, they are very active in making commercials and voiceovers.

Innovation is something that iBeat Recording Studio has always been interested in. From the pioneer phase of virtual reality and 360° video, iBeat is following these developments. Therefore, since the beginning of 2017, they have begun to provide 360° photo and video services.

For more information and questions, please contact: https://ibeat.nl/#contact

Music fragments are from:
- Colored Steel Factory
- Contra Fools
- Lois & Floor
- Bard Helmantel
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