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Scuba diving sites typically live up to their names and "Shotgun" was no exception in the raging currents of Komodo, Indonesia! 

Experience it for yourself in this 360˚ video brought to you straight from Ocean First Education!

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Creating Life-Long Stewards and Students of the Ocean

At Ocean First Education, we understand that everyone doesn't enjoy the same opportunity to experience what the ocean has to offer. Our mission is to bring the ocean to everyone interested. We do this through cutting-edge marine science education and high quality imagery.

Contributors to Ocean First Education:

Graham Casden - Founder 

Cathy Christopher - Curriculum and Content Specialist

Caine Delacy, Ph.D. - Director of Science and Research

Paul Hulbink - Director of eLearning

Klara Fejer - Digital Media

Michael Rice - Director of Information Technology

Marlee Glasgow - Graphic Artist