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As a traditional dance in Sri Lanka from the 4th century AD, according to legend stories, the dances are formed when the king of Kandy contemporaries constantly encounters a mysterious dream every night, that he has always been hunt by a leopard. Then, the king had invited an Indian shaman to bless. And the dances in the blessing of the wizard were spread around the country and have become the traditional dances in Srilanka. You can watch the show 'Walking on fire' when visiting the capital of Kandy. You can also enjoy the awesome performance of dancers walking on hot flame at the end of the show.

Video 360 degrees within the project "Srilanka majestic" made by Riz Creative.

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Flappy1 yr ago
Billie Morar1 yr ago
ahuh,its exciting to see those guys run on fire :) @Riz Creative
Riz Creative1 yr ago
I like it too. I was surprise when they have run on fire like that
Billie Morar1 yr ago
dangerous,but i like it:)