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The garden’s initial creation lay in Colonel Harry Clive’s wartime decision of 1940, to provide his ailing wife – Dorothy – with a ‘series of interesting walks’ as she battled with Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately Dorothy died in 1942 but Colonel Clive continued work apace throughout the 1940s and 1950s, especially in The Quarry Garden which covers approximately 2 acres.

In 1958 management of the then ‘fledgling’ garden was entrusted, by Colonel Clive, to a newly established, small-scale, independent charity – The Willoughbridge Garden Trust. This charity still manages, what is now a much larger and considerably enhanced 12 acre garden. Currently, the ‘Trust’ directly employs a small specialist team of staff to manage the site’s affairs. These core staff members are ably supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who primarily help with gardening, administration and the running of events.
Michaels_360_VR3 mons ago
@Darryl Auer I think they are Rhododendrons
Darryl Auer3 mons ago
What a beautiful name these flowers are! It's like the peony of China!
Bryon Rice3 mons ago
Women naturally love flowers. I think if proposing to a girl in this garden, no one will refuse.😄
Michaels_360_VR3 mons ago
It is an amazing garden
Lawlie3 mons ago
Such serene place... ❤️