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“It is essential that France gets its identity back. France is not only the country of luxury bags, good food and human rights.”

Helping France rediscover its roots should be the key task for the next president. At least if you ask Isaure de Sainte-Marie, a young castle owner from the French Loire valley.

With the French elections just around the corner, euronews is visiting citizens across the country. In cooperation with local media and armed with a 360 degree camera, we try to understand the individuals who make up the French electorate.

In this fifth episode we travel to a more than 500-year-old castle. Isaure de Sainte-Marie has a background in literature and has spent a third of her life in Latin America, but today she owns and runs Château de Troussay.

What are the roots that she thinks France needs to rediscover? 

Its sense of beauty, its intimate relationship with nature, and its affinity for deep thinking.
I am sorry but I have to say the castle is wonderful
I agree with that France is not only the country of beautiful things.
What should France gets its identity back?
The good food of Franch is so amazing
Rhett Zieme1 yr ago
I like delicious food and luxury bags of France.
The building is beautiful. I want to live in there.
This is a beautiful place which can be a good travel determination.