ALLie camera is perfect for real estate tours and presentations. You can see everything around with 360º view as if you are there. Use VR glasses to fully immerse yourself and look around your future property from the comfort of your home. 

Have you thought about saving time and money when showing real estate properties to your clients? Did you know that real estate agents and companies who used 360 video to showcase their properties noticed that they sell 30% faster? Besides, the client doesn’t have to physically travel and see it in person anymore. Just shoot a nice 360 video and show it to as many people as you want through a VR headset. WOW-effect guaranteed! And you save time and money for yourself and your client. 360 video is a new technology being used by real estate businesses to differentiate themselves on this crowded market. ALLie 360 Camera can provide unbeatable advantages: easy shooting, direct 360 video livestreaming of Open Houses to YouTube, easy Facebook sharing. Its small size and affordable price allows you to take it with you anywhere. Use it just once to shoot a 360 video of a house or an apartment and show it to thousands of potential buyers!

Watch this video in VR headset and immerse yourself into 360º world. With ALLie 360 video camera you can see it ALL and never miss a thing. 

*This video is 360°, which allows you to view every part of this video. Try it out!


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