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The characters order are taken from speedrun video
I forgot to put Gaster in the video so you don't have to look for him
You can see how I kinda rush the video half way cause I wanted to add all the characters in this video 

Fallen Down stage by magicalpouchofmagic
Final Corridor by magicalpouchofmagic
Flower stage by magicalpouchofmagic
Grillby by magicalpouchofmagic
skelehouse by magicalpouchofmagic
Toriel basement by magicalpouchofmagic

Snowdin by fandomparadise
Waterfall bridge by fandomparadise
The barrier by wishuponacrane
Undyne room by sakurad28

Undyne by magicalpouchofmagic
Frisk and Chara by allena_frost_walker
Sans by allena_frost_walker
Papyrus by allena_frost_walker
Flowey by allena_frost_walker
Asriel by magicalpouchofmagic
God Asriel by magicalpouchofmagic
Asgore by magicalpouchofmagic
Toriel by magicalpouchofmagic
Alphys by malilangelo
Mettaton by rijuu_han
Muffet by Horipu

Trash can by the_horrible

Undertale by Toby Fox
"Bad Apple!!" feat. Nomico by Alstroemeria Records
Bad apple motion by ネイ edited by [H]estiaSama

Yes I know that this song is originally for Touhou characters but I don't know touhou story (and the characters is too much for me to do)