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I liked the Egyptian style
I saw one Koshitantan vid on Iwara.tv
And I think I must create it the same as that video as much as possible
But I don't think I could use Menace model cause she too lewd for YouTube (maybe I will put in my future video but not for this one)

YYB式-萌王EX-拉美西斯二世 Ramesses II aka Pharaoh by YYB
バステト Bastet by https://bowlroll.net/user/4894 にぽん
Yowane Haku Cleopatra by Hikari Wakamiya & alicemaid

スカイドーム_ミントな青空N8_配布物 by @kaiwakap
MMD Skydome Pack 1 by wampa842
Atlantis Pyramid Stage by Trackdancer.deviantart.com

Motion by アガちん
Music : Umetora ft. Divine DIVAs - "Waiting for a Chance to Pounce" 虎視眈々