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A 360 degree gameplay trailer created using Unity3D and 360 degree panoramic in game capture and the frames then stitched using ffmpeg.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC was used to add audio and stitch multiple clips. No other edits have been done (yet).

This was done as part of a Masters project for the Samsung GearVR. Leave a comment to know more.

Hit me up if you need a tutorial or any other information :)

(I have no rights on the audio or awards snaps)
Agni Paul11 mons ago
@DreamTravel I don't have a 360 camera per se but I do take 360 shots from game engines for gameplay footage
Agni Paul11 mons ago
@Cathryn Aufderhar lol if you watch it carefully something does appear in the end :P
DreamTravel11 mons ago
Awesome video! I wonder do you take 360 photos often as well? And where do you share them?
It is really terrifying combined with the music. but nothing appeared at last