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360° footage captured tear gas smoke shrouding the streets of Paris and protesters hurling stones at riot police, after raucous anti-Labour reform demonstrations took a violent turn on Tuesday.
The protesters are demonstrating against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned labour law reforms. The planned reforms have upset French labour unions, as he seeks to make it easier for small and medium sized companies to hire and fire workers, as well as granting them further powers over pay and working conditions.

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Jason Lerouleau5 mons ago
It comes to me that maybe VR could be a super tool for News reporting
Jason Lerouleau5 mons ago
This is the one and only best VR I ever saw cuz it is made by putting life in danger....
Мария Cat5 mons ago
The attackers are really well organized...When was it ?
Maria Rodrigues5 mons ago
That's horrible... I can see panic faces of passers-by and those innocent ppl....You can never fight violence with violence
Yuthika Losalka5 mons ago
WTTTTTTFFFFFFF?>??? Man you are really brave to stand in riot to shoot VR video !!