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This 360 degrees first person VR video, is a different rendering of the Archon Warriors 3D animation fight scene, using 1st person perspective instead of the more common camera angles. Basically, you can experience the 3D animation, from the first person perspective of the Archon warrior number two.

Archon warriors fly through the air, like angels, using their gunblades with incredible speed. If you have always wanted to know what it feels like to fly while fighting with a sword in the middle of the air, this video should be as close to that kind of VR simulation as possible. By the way, the animation was made using Blender.

360 degree videos allow you to rotate the camera with the total freedom of 360 degrees of spinning motion, up, down, left or right, and can be experienced on desktop, using the WASD keys or the mouse with click and drag.

If you have an android phone or tablet, you can move it around to control the camera.

For the fully immersive and virtually real experience, you should use a Google cardboard or some other type of virtual reality device.

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