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Come with me as I take a walk on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico. 

I was there for a mission trip with some incredible like minded people. We built 4 homes from the foundation and donated for that fed about 2500 people!

If you want to lock arms with me and my family of entrepreneurs to better the world then reach out to me. I'd love to see how we can help each other :)
Almost all the wonderful holidays begin on the beach.
David Lamoureux9 mons ago
thanks for the comments! haha it was definitely a nice vacation and great feeling with the sand under my feet and the cold water :)
Adell Davis9 mons ago
I also want to stand in the water and feel the flow of water on my feet.
Santa Krajcik9 mons ago
@Maya Medhurst hahhahhaha, you are two lazy, You should go to take a real one.
Maya Medhurst9 mons ago
I'm going to pretend that I've already taken a walk after this video.