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An immersive and psychedelic film clip for the song 27 Years by Melbourne (Aus) based indie outfit The Ribbon Device. The film clip was created by Gerant Kenneth using 360˚ footage that was edited and processed through various programs for glitch and datamosh effects.

Video: Gerant Kenneth

Music: The Ribbon Device

Run time: 5:16

Video: 4K 360' immersive video

Audio: Stereo Sound

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© 2017 Gerant Kenneth & Sense Immerse

This video is best experienced with a VR headset and headphones via the Youtube app on mobile or in a supported browser on the desktop (more info).
The clash of colors is what you want to express. Although not understanding, to the feeling of profound meaning.
varenea1 yr ago
It's like the effect of a dye halo. It's really fantastic to go with music.