Enter in the incredible universe of preparation of Carnival of Nice 2018 in 360 degrees.

The carnival artists have been working for several months to produce the 17 floats that will parade for the carnival corso from February 17 to March 3.

For this 134th edition, the "King of Space" will be accompanied by the most fantastic characters of each other under the effigies of Donald Trump, Tayyip Erdogan, Theresa May, Vladimir Putin, grouped together on the same tank entitled "The Planet monkeys" ; or Emmanuel Macron and his wife with the tank "Brigitte Attacks"; the Nice artist Patrick Moya will also have his own float ; then we will find some tributes, especially those to Galilee, the space dog Laika, the cinema and of course the symbols of Nice (the eagle of Nice, the Observatory, Pan Bagnat ..).

A 2018 edition full of humor and jokes that begins in a fortnight.
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