On June 3rd, 2017, thirty individuals, who refuse to let their disabilities define them, set out to climb a mountain. And, 130+ others came to help them push through. There was sweat. There were tears. There were lives changed.

Check out the LIMBitless Foundation for more info:

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Music used:
"For the Glory" by Todd Haberman, John Loeffler and Scott P. Schreer.
From the album: Cinematic Electronic Volume 8
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"Loyal Magnificence" by Felix Thoma.
From the album Action And Adventure Volume 10
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"At this Juncture" by Philip E. Morris
From the album: Cinematic Soundscapes Volume 8
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"Bring on the Rhythm Drums" by Rod Weinstein
From the album: Hip Hop Beats Volume 8
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Good documentary for such enjoyable event.