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I found this interesting building on minecraftworldmap.com as I was working on Game of Thrones series. Little did I know that it was bigger in the inside and a lot of work has gone into it.

To give you an idea of the feel and the scale of the built by Enden Dragon aka The Crafted Dragon on YT, I decided to do a 360 video on all areas that are interesting.

P. S. I didn't know it was related heavily to My Little Pony. I'm actually not familiar with them XP

Map and Built Creator:
Big credit to the creators, built by none other than the Enden Dragon/The Crafted Dragon. You can download the map in the link below:

Their YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCraftedDragon/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/minecraft360deg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaces888/

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Using the Replay Mod by @CrushedPixel and Johni0702. Download it here:

Alan Walker - Spectre

Alan Walker - Force

Alan Walker - Fade

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0: http://goo.gl/ATcAkB