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@MoDaFo360º They did ask us to make little videos with their products. How you think i got so much likes and shares? Sailride allone have more than 100000 rfollowers. I placed for you more easy to find the things the link to sailride direct.

Sorry for my chinese followers for the youtube link. I know that this is blocked in china. Its for @MoDaFo360° to explain her how i work.

@MoDaFo360º Again me: This is a marketing strategy. We are in contact with sailride USA since one year for example and until now they did have Tenax in their program. They did decide for their new product the German loox to publish 2 days in front of the veer contest to promote the Loox and also the video of my selfmade bag. https://veer.tv/videos/%E8%87%AA%E5%88%B6%E8%B1%AA%E5%8D%8E%E6%89%8B%E6%8F%90%E8%A2%8B-selfmade-flexible-luxary-shoping-bag-138391
I forgot. I do not produce for @VeeR . The pictures are for Google maps and you find them when you search cramele recas. And i think from there i recruit the most viewers to veer. Very easy. Its the most popular wine and romanian use to search where is the next magacin=shop usualy not with headset on the street. Its not my failure that Veer does not support zoom for pictures and videos. Also in china they are not aware that just 20%of the viewers visit veer in private life. Rest visit at work and this make veer not much popular that the viewer have no silent button. Analyse from Amazon where they have their servers. I include the lonely woman just for promotion in this video, because did phone their marketing for my little send me a postcard action.Yes they support and wine have not shipped from Germany. In the middle the plate is mamaliga and arranged like a smiley but did not match to the video. The wine is placed perfect for marketing purposes in Google. I am not that women activist as you beleave. But i learn how to make attention for a longer time than just a view hours. For this i send all files to UN Woman.
@MoDaFo360º There are several things in this video. If cam is 10 seconds in 398°F hot Oven you can listen the hot oil and see the oil is realy hot and you can do it also with a new cam. There are twice scenes for the oven part. each 10 seconds. I have done this in the night when the contest #throughherlens start to have a timestamp in case of request. produced extra for the contest. Also i did make the watergames video in this night. Wategames is just a sequence of cooking Mamaliga. in hot boiled water. It just show the Mi Spere is realy IP67. Other cams not. I am most busy at daytime my cam needs good night light conditions. Idea in general to produce 360 food and preparing of food. Shure difficult. Search such cooking 360 videos in Internet. Women have interest for cooking and it exist 360 videos but only to show a big kitchen food is not the central point. You need to go close for the object with the cam. Go to the link given at the end to read inmy blog about mamaliga. i have there a video in 3 languages with subtitles. Did you see that i did honor you? Was discusion point to bring Anmanda video or not at veer as long they put stupid videos to start page. I did pot th video direct to the conferences of UNWomen. The meal in general is simple. Price in Romanian restaurant approx 2-3 $.
MoDaFo360º1 yr ago
I love the shot in the oven!! I will have to try that with my older camera at some point. If it is not out of place, may I ask how in your mind this video is to empower women? Is it about how this is something they can do to feel comfort in living when times are difficult, or are you highlighting the struggle to provide for your family a rich meal on very little? one suggestion I would have is to move the wine bottle back just a bit. it is difficult to see on a mobile device and especially with a headset.
The food looks delicious. But it's really bold to put your camera in the oven.
@Shawn S. Ide hi what happens with yours youtune live chat today?
Thanks for support @Ed Vega . The Zip for download is not ready. Must like which umpublished Materials i include.