How to make Luxary articles with things other trough into trash?
For USA Woman Loox you find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXz0aDpt-lk
In This example with 10 Years old Jeans a luxary shoping bag? Is more easy than you think. You can get a full instructure if you ask me in discussion. The closers with the Rose and the Swarovski Cristals are selfmade with 24 carate real gold. I have an instruction of gold plating in my blog and as you can see in other videos i have some of this very usefull closers for boat canvas, guitar holders in a lot of variations so i can give some away.

My Blog Article about (bags are unique design and to sell):

How to make real 24 Carate Gold Closers by Yourself:

I sell also this unique 24 Carate Golden Loxx Closer with 21 real Swarovski Cristals. Ideal for Guitar Players To lock yours Guitar. An Eye Catcher in Liveshows.

HOWTO sew: https://www.smilla-berlin.de/blog/naehanleitungen/windmuehlentasche-naehen
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