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www.polareffect.com Flight over the Mid-Atlantic ridge that comes ashore on the Reykjanes peninsula. Catch a glimpse of the rough but magical beauty that the volcanic landscape in Iceland is renown for. As you soar above the lunar like Reykjanes peninsula you get to truly appreciate it‘s grandeur - something only possible from air. You will see countless volcanic craters, Seltún geothermal area, the rugged coastline. This area is a constant reminder of the untamed power that sculpted the island.

The peninsula, with its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity, is well suited to become a Geopark and is the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level.

360º Video: www.polareffect.com 
Music: 'The Absent Mind' - Unfamiliar Identity 
thank you. great video
I've been watching this video again and again, and I've been so caught up in the beauty of it.
Naomi Denesik8 mons ago
I have a special fascination with Iceland, probably because of its name, or because of its location. Anyway, I must go there for some time in the future.
Kellie Brown8 mons ago
I believe it would be more shocking to see the scene with my own eyes. I am longing to go there now.
Robyn Franecki8 mons ago
This view should allow more people to see the grandeur and great of our nature.
Pamela Marks8 mons ago
@Agustina Kuhic Take me with you, although I can do anything, but I will never let your journey alone.
Agustina Kuhic8 mons ago
give me the chopper i will fly myself to the iceland
Seth Dochter9 mons ago
Such an amazing landscape! Thank you for sharing!
I don't know what to say. it's really shocking. That strikes my vision.