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This Video is just an intermediate Placeholder until final production is finished.

Music: Free Music Archive Bach Organ Works: Trio Sonatas by Professor James Kibbie University Michigan
BWV 525: Trio Sonata I in E-Flat Major - 1. [Allegro] by James Kibbie

BWV 525: Trio Sonata I in E-Flat Major - 1. [Allegro] by James Kibbie is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (aka Music Sharing) 3.0 International License.

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Udo Tirolf8 mons ago
Das muss ich jetzt doch auch mal probieren, die Bilder als Film.
Daniela Tocan9 mons ago
Its a persiflage to one creator that use in his video the artists music. This music is free to use under the condition non commercial and honor the artist. See my description and you will find much more. I regular upload content and delete. The 360 in this clip is total unimportant. 50% of the effect of a video is sound and soundeffects. Here i just point to the massive copyright violations. As noncomercial user i am free to use. I did contact the professor in USA that his work is free to use NONCOMERCIAL! In #VeerEditor i did found some violations too.
Radoslav 10 mons ago
music is good