Video 360, 4K. Tulips do not bloom for long, so I had to stay awake for almost a week to have time to capture the morning awakening of flowers. Weather dictated its conditions and had to be adjusted also for it. And here for residents and guests of the city of Ivanovo on the general review formed a video with elements of shooting timelaps, admire.

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* A few facts about tulips:

1. The word "tulip" comes from the Turkish word "turban"

2. The tulip has an almost perfect shape of a flower
Tulips are famous for their bright colors and beautiful flower shape. Most varieties are almost perfectly symmetrical.

3. tulip can be used in cooking
Like many other flowers, tulips are also edible! In fact, during the Second World War, tulips were often consumed by people who could not afford other foods.

4. Tulips - independent plants
They start life as a solar-powered light bulb. Tulips differ from other plants in that they themselves contain nutrients that are sufficient for them to survive and grow without interference.

5. Colorful buds of tulips - the result of infection
The original stripes that adorn the petals of some species of tulips were originally the result of a viral infection.
Андрей1 yr ago
Я очень рад, что вам нравиться :) Спасибо.
I found Russia is so beautiful until now. Coolll, I should write it into my list.
My God, this video is wonderful. This is my first time to understand this flower so intuitively. I hope to see more of you.
Thank you very much for working so hard to help us shoot such beautiful video. It is because the beauty is short that we need to do our best to keep it.