As the largest global 360/VR content platform for creators and audiences, VeeR VR is the ideal partner for your 360 camera brand.

You can partner with VeeR through:

Camera Brand Page

You can start and operate your own dedicated 360 camera brand page on VeeR, where you can upload brand videos, attract and engage VR enthusiasts, and improve your brand’s global influence.

A few examples that we have partnered with:

VeeR 360 Share SDK

VeeR VR offers share SDK that allows camera partners to establish an online sharing community for users.

With one-tap upload, your users will be able to share their content directly with VeeR’s audiences worldwide, with your brand #hashtag automatically attached with the post, which significantly improves your brand exposure to a targeted audience.

The Sharing SDK is free to use and can be downloaded here:

VeeR 360 Editor SDK

VeeR VR offers a powerful editor SDK for our camera partners, greatly enriching the editing functionalities of a stand-alone 360 camera app.

With integrable VeeR Editor SDK, users can directly edit their 360 photos and videos with background music, dynamic stickers, special effects and filters, create fun content such as VR music videos, 360 slideshows and more. VeeR Editor SDK is exclusive to selected camera partners.

To apply for VeeR Editor SDK today, please contact us at

Camera Review and Co-Marketing Campaigns

VeeR works together with our camera partners on various content marketing activities and community campaigns, such as camera review program (Check Example) and sponsored 360 contests (Check Example).

To learn more,

please contact us at

Our Partner Camera Brands Include