You’re invited by VeeR VR to become our camera partner. Our joined forces will integrate your expertise in panoramic photography and VeeR VR’s leadership in vertical market coverage of global VR enthusiasts. We will work together in developing more innovative interactions, to share our userbases, complement our respective services, and eventually introduce panoramic videos to average users’day-to-day life around the globe.

Brand Page

VeeR VR opens dedicated pages for our camera partners where you can upload sample videos for showcasing product features, to improve your brand’s global influence.

Mobile Upload Of HD Videos

VeeR VR offers open SDK port services to establish a sharing and communication platform for photographers. With one-tap upload, our app combines photography, video editing and social media into one streamlined ecosystem. Cameras with settings in both formats (monoscopic and stereoscopic) and any angle (360°, 180° x 180°, 180° x 101°, etc) are compatible with VeeR upload port. Videos uploaded through camera apps will be automatically tagged with camera brands for better exposure.

More Brand Partnerships

VeeR VR will collaborate with your company on developing integrated software solutions for your panoramic camera, to improve the product experience for our users in shooting with panoramic cameras and sharing panoramic videos. Your camera will be featured in the VeeR E-Market to precisely market to your target customers.
Our Partner Camera Brands Include