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The fireworks show for the Honolulu Festival were donated by Honolulu's sister city of Nagaoka Japan for the 6th consecutive year.

The cities of Nagaoka and Honolulu were both devastated by WWII. The Honolulu Festival began after World World II ended, and serves as a memorial and to symbolize a desire for world peace. 

Since 2012, the two cities have a formal bond and have worked together to foster peaceful relations.The fireworks were presented by 

Fireworks by Grucci and were the largest of the year for the company, eclipsing even 4th of July and New Years shows. It included 3 barges and 1,400 shells!

A message from the mayor of Nagaoka, followed by Japanese & Hawaiian music was broadcast in synchronization on 105.1 KINE radio. 

Flown in accordance with FAA regulations, including Daylight operations waiver.  

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