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Such an amazing setting for another wonderful collaboration with so many talented and creative people. This is another beautiful shot of the always fun to be around Lauren! So fun to shoot in this lovely historical Atlanta house. Huge shout out to everyone involved! Follow everyone below on Instagram and Facebook at:
J Nicolle's Style House (Stylist) 
Instagram /Facebook: @jnicollesstylehouse
C Denim (Designer)
Instagram: @livelovecdenim
Dress (Model Alora)
Blazer /top (Model Alora)
Ripped Jacket/Belt/Skirt (Model Alora)
Haus of Delani Boutique 
Instagram: @shophausofdelani
Kelly Romper-Olive (Model Lauren)
Glam Life Style swimwear (Model Alora) 
Hello Spring Maxi (Model Alora)
The Limited Red Exact Stretch Skinny Pant (Model Alora ) 
True Destiny  Polka Dot  (Model Alora) 
Just Fab
Blue Peep Toe Booties (Model Alora) 
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