From the second half of the fourteenth century the College of Notaries established itself at Palazzo della Ragione. In 1408 the College obtained this chapel originally dedicated to Saint Zeno, which from that moment is also named after the patron of the notaries, Saint Daniele.
Because of the collapses and fires that have affected Palazzo della Ragione over the centuries, the Chapel has changed its appearance and the original gothic decorations have been lost.
Today you can admire the amazing decorative cycle created between the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, whose paintings are due to Alessandro Marchesini (1663-1728) and Louis Dorigny (1654-1742), which depict episodes from the lives of the saints Zeno and Daniele, and themes related to the iconography of justice and salvation taken from the Old and New Testaments.
The Paduan artist Andrea Zanoni (1669-1730), on the other hand, is the author of most of the illusionistic wall paintings that give unity to the complex.
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