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Three Crosses is a prominent monument in Vilnius, Lithuania, on the Hill of Three Crosses. According to a legend, seven Franciscan friars were beheaded on top of this hill. Wooden crosses were built in the location since the early 17th century. It soon became a symbol of the city and an integral part of the city's skyline. As wood rots, the crosses needed to be periodically replaced. In 1916, a concrete monument was designed by Polish–Lithuanian architect and sculptor Antoni Wiwulski. It was torn down in 1950 by order of the Soviet authorities. A new monument was erected in its place in 1989. A spectacular panorama of the Vilnius Old Town can be observed from a small observation deck at the base of the crosses.
wolaas6 mons ago
beautiful, this is a perfect place for paying hide and seek
ITALIA Rocha6 mons ago
autumn is a pretty season!! just look this shot
Lalka Msp6 mons ago
love the warm color,this place is a gift from the God
gocha hertz6 mons ago
OMG the colors are gorgeous!!!nature is an artist
Alfred CP6 mons ago
Nice done (Y)