#ThroughHerLens she sees 2 gentlemen like no other! 2 individuals who not only honor friendship and loyalty but also hold true to the child in us all! She sees 2 unique beings who will forever hold her love and friendship. 
Through her lens she sees the world change around her while maintaining stillness. She sees love transcend and creative beings begin. She sees a world that only each hold and only in that moment. Through her many lenses she sees a place of growth, loss, gains and richness beyond words or material. Through her lens she sees friends! And through her lens she shares life.

RIP @SmurfGod 
This hashtag suddenly became a moment I finally felt comfortable expressing the extreme love and loss myself and the whole ALV team were blasted with Oct 3rd of 2017. Alec Price, SmurfGod, was taken from us in our old neighborhood. He was shot dead during a cowardly act on a street we have had many wonderful moments on. You all have shared many of those moments with us! Yes you! Tip your glass for a moment in remembrance of our brother from another mother, Alec ;)<3
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