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Standing in front of the St. Joseph cathedral in the former French concession of Tianjin. 
Ardith Kovacek4 mons ago
LOL the beard is so so cute!!nice sticker
Daniela Tocan5 mons ago
good use of veereditor but strange. Why the woman take a beard? My interpretation is that i did make a package of all JS. Bach organ music for free download. Similar i start to do inside the Horror collection. Veer do not allow links in description and no read on. But i got since yesterday 10 downloads. Do not worry about wrong stiching or other nickelings. This prepare my Veer Memory Collection. User should intensive compare pictures and the both that are identical can choose. A good training for 360 beginners. The lonely woman exist in a lot of variations. Retouch shadow of Nadir and different stiching...
Madeline5 mons ago
Lol!!! I mustache you a question!!!?