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The history of this magnificent building begins at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland when, on 18th May 1843, after vehement protestations against the “institution of patronage”, a large body of ministers and elders withdrew from the Assembly and formed the Free Church of Scotland. About 300 members were left worshipping in Kirkcaldy Parish Church. 
For almost eighteen months, the Free Church worshipped in the building at East Port (later known as St James’ Church), but the congregation soon proceeded with plans to erect a church of its own. A purpose-built church was established in Tolbooth Street (behind the present day M & S store) opening there on 10 November 1844. 
As the congregation of the Free Church grew and its work extended, it was decided, in July 1876, to erect a new church to seat 1150 people. The cost? An estimated £11,500, and Mr Patrick Don Swan, then Provost of Kirkcaldy, gifting a fine site at the top of Kirk Wynd. 

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