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A commissioned concept for Ricoh's new showroom in Rome, a well-known manufacturer of office printers.

An exhibition structure in Corian in the red color of the brand, conpepita to be very visible from the outside

The offices are separated by modular glass walls that create a fluid environment, stimulating collaboration and ensuring the passage of natural light. 
The lighting system is entirely LED with DALI control and anti-glare optics to prevent unwanted reflections on the monitors.
@Lucio Virzi - www.360roma.it Thank you! Indeed, it's a bit strange but I had to use Google Street View because when I did the inspection the windows were not in good condition (dirty and ugly)
Nice integration of reality view and rendering! :) But it seems a little strange to see the store placed at the center of the street! :) Did you used Google Street View imagery for outside?