A Utah VR event at the University of Utah in February of 2016. Only a few proper headsets. Mainly, this is just a bunch of Sumsung Galaxy Phones shoved into Samsung Gear VRs

Yes, I had far better equipment at the time this was taken but this was actually setup as a timelapse and quality wasn't really a concern back then. The point here was to prove it was possible.

The camera was firing every three seconds, so I'm unsure how long my friend Wil here was standing like this. :)

If you look directly to the left of Wil's right hand, you'll see a STANDING demo for the Rift DK2. That was pretty rare back then.

For those that don't know, Silicon Valley is where the shiny things are shown off. It's places like Salt Lake City and its metro-area where the dreamers live. It's these people, here, who do all the think-up of these crazy things.

We've actually gotten an official title in the tech-industry, we are the "Silicon Slopes."
love the equipment,love your shirt,and you are so cuteLOL
like a Sams club!i am too poor to join you guys .........
Zaky Seran1 yr ago
Bunch of people,nice ring by the way.