The pilot's eye view from the cockpit of an F-16 from the Colorado Air National Guard at the 2017 Grand Junction Air Show. If you've ever wondered what it's like to sit in THE most iconic fighter aircraft of all time, this is EXACTLY what it's like.

Yes, when I shove my gear into something interesting, it tends to draw a crowd. Through some creative editing, I was actually able to eliminate about 30 people from the shot. I've done these shots in an official capacity for a few airlines/manufacturers but as far as shots inside of aircraft go, this one's my favorite. I wasn't paid for it, this was just for the joy of it and what a joy it was. :) THIS particular image is a combination of 18 images. In order to obtain all the shots necessary, I have to be behind the camera. 

The coolest part of capturing this was the fact that I got to climb all around the front of this beautiful aircraft just so I wasn't in my own shot. :D

Enjoy the view!
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