Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall is a wall in Prague, Czech Republic. Once it was a normal wall, since the 1980s it was filled with graffiti inspired by John Lennon and songs from the Beatles songs. In 1988, the wall was a source of irritation to the communist regime of Gustáv Husák. Young Czechs wrote complaints on the wall, and in a time report, this led to a clash between hundreds of students and the security police in the nearby Charles Bridge. The movement followed by followers was ironically described as "Lenonism", and the Czech authorities describe these people as alcoholics, mentally disturbed, sociopathic, and agents of Western capitalism. The wall is constantly changing and the original portrait of Lennon has long been lost under the layers of the new paint. Even when some of the walls had broken some other authority, the other day he was full of songs and flowers. Today, the wall represents a symbol of global ideals like love and peace. The wall is owned by the sovereign military order of Malta, which allowed graffiti to continue on the wall, and is located on Velkopřevorské náměstí, Malá Strana. A similar wall, inspired by the original wall, appeared on the walls of central government offices in Hong Kong, and the citizens publish a vivid post-note with their democratic wishes for Hong Kong during the Hong Kong 2014 protest. On November 17, 2014, the 25th anniversary of Velvet Revolution, the wall was painted in pure white in a group of students of art, leaving only the text "wall is finished" [sic]. Maltese knights initially filed a criminal complaint against vandalism against students who later withdrew after contacting them. [2] The wall wall is still on July 23, 2017. And "Wall already" has been changed to "The war is over".
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