Marzabotto (Bologna, Italy) - Monte Sole's Memorial Itinerary, Route CAI n. 100
The itinerary of the Memorial is a journey in memory of the dramatic and violent tragedy known as "Eccidio di Marzabotto"(Slaughter of Marzabotto). During the Second World War, 955 people were killed by the Nazi-fascists in the three municipalities of Marzabotto, Monzuno and Grizzana, now constituting the Monte Sole Park. Most of the killings were carried out between 29th of September and 5th of October 1944: an entire community, that lived in those mountains for centuries, was annihilated in a few days. 
The video shows the ruins of a stone house in the middle of the wood that was used as a shelter by the valleys to escape from the fury of the Nazi soldiers. On the walls are still visible traces of bullet holes that torn the lives of its inhabitants.
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