The ruins of the Planina Castle are on the rock over the market town Planina pri Sevnici in Kozjansko region. The entrance and part of the defensive wall on the north-west are from the Renaissance period. The heart of the castle was a powerful palladium which was back then 38 m (42 yards) long and 15 m (16 yards) wide. The castle was protected by a powerful defensive wall, which was at the base 3.5 m (3.8 yards) wide and a defence tower on the west side, protecting the original access from the south.
The last lord who lived in the castle was Gustav Bloome. In 1882 the roof of the castle was taken off and with the passing years the castle fell into ruins. 
The last people living in the castle were two police officers, who fleed the castle in the midlle of the night. They stated that they saw ghosts.
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