While staying on Lesvos for my documentary, I had the chance to visit the remotely located life jacket graveyard with hundreds of thousands of life jackets.

The lifejacket graveyard is at the most northern point of Lesvos Island where most refugees arrived, closeby the Turkish coast you can see on the picture. At the top days there were more than 10.000 arrivals per day.
Over 12.000 have lost their lives trying to make their way over the sea, paying 1000 euro or more for a place on an overcrowded dingy (50-70 people on a boat meant for 20) sailed by persons not able to pay this amount with a training of 2-3 hrs.

It was very emotional and sobering to see and experience this. Each lifejacket was once worn by a refugee whose homes and families have been torn apart by wars fueled by economic interests of the west and gives an idea of the scale of what has been happening on the island. If you consider that locals pour gasoline each day to burn a part of the graveyard (illegally/by order of municipality?), this is probably half of the original size.

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